About Us

Who We Are

ForeFront Technologies Inc. is a strong corporation that knows the importance of first class service and has been providing that since 2001. ForeFront Technologies delivers the best solutions to fully realize our client objectives in information technology. We strive to build a partnership that delivers the highest quality workmanship.

We take pride in all that we do and stand by everything we produce.

We are a company that provides outstanding service and value. Dedication, commitment and integrity are the company's foundation on which we build our skill set.

Our commitment to our clients, along with the outstanding value we provide, makes ForeFront Technologies Inc. the right technology partner.


work-philoshyForeFront Technologies works to meet the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations. This ensures that our position in the market place is secure and strengthens our reputation and client base.

We have a simple philosophy, to add value to everything we do. Our motivated, skilled and talented team of professionals understand that directive and strive to meet it daily.

ForeFront Technologies has evolved its work environment to meet the challenges of project implementation. The complexity of these projects has increased dramatically over the years and ForeFront Technologies has met the challenge. An efficient management methodology ensures consistent delivery on time and on budget.

Management is a balance of control and freedom to work efficiently. Our management experience, along with our skilled and dedicated individuals, allows us to achieve substantial savings over competitors and attain an optimal cost-benefit return, while maintaining control over crucial project functions.

We have established a strategic alliance with quality companies that specialise in other aspects of technology. This partner network allows each company to focus on their strengths while being able to draw on the expertise of the others. This network is invisible to our clients except for the benefit of a stronger, more complete, ForeFront Technologies Inc.

No two clients are the same and as a result we must, and are, adaptable to our ever-changing environment. Additionally, we never complete a project without learning and refining our processes.

Our innovative approach toward process engineering and management of technological change, gives us a strategic advantage that delivers unparalleled value.


EMPOWERING-PEOPLEWith our clients, ForeFront Technologies' aim is to turn experience and knowledge into value.ForeFront Technologies knows that only when technology works well will it be accepted and used to its maximum potential. Only when jobs are made easier through technology will individuals truly embrace it. This is the foundation for real employee productivity.

Technology is about people and for people. If it fails to deliver increased human productivity, it will not, and should not be used.

At ForeFront Technologies we are small enough that you will always know who you are working with, yet large enough to ensure we'll always be there. While we have the technology skills, we also have the people skills to ensure that the right solution is implemented efficiently and smoothly.

We know how important it is to be able to work face-to-face with the people providing your technology solutions. When people connect and feel comfortable with a specific person, less time and effort will be needed to reach the goal. An additional benefit to this one on one interaction is that our clients are left with a greater understanding of what has been provided.

Together we are real people solving real problems, making sure the solution you want is the solution you get.


OUR-TEAMOur team of professionals are known for their competence, professionalism and energy. Each member of the team is only as good as the whole. Communication is key for any team to succeed and we understand and apply that principle in everything we do.

Each member of our team takes the time to understand our client's business, and in addition, we include our clients as team members. Together the team provides the technology services that meet and even exceed expectations.

We invest in our employees in the form of training and professional development. The professionals at ForeFront Technologies keep pace with the most recent developments in technology to provide optimal system solutions. We also immerse ourselves in the business world to ensure that our clients receive the best business solution to assure their competitive advantage.

Each person is a craftsman in his own right, all express their creativity and take the highest care in their work.

ForeFront Technologies employees are among the most loyal in the industry. We have accomplished this through our corporate culture that empowers each employee and provides challenging opportunities to allow them to excel and grow. Add our excellent compensation, that includes a share of the companies profits, and you have an environment that attracts and keeps the best and the brightest.

ForeFront Technologies has committed employees with values of quality, integrity, excellence and teamwork. Our dynamic group possesses the talent, resources and drive to deliver the best technology solutions to provide our clients the tools to succeed.



The successful completion of any Information Technology project is largely dependent on the commitment of the participants. Recognizing this, ForeFront Technologies Inc. is constantly striving to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients.

Information Technology projects are extremely difficult to see through to completion with a success rate of these projects is slightly over 30%. To date, ForeFront Technologies has never been involved in any projects that have not been carried through to a successful completion. This success rate is largely due to the commitment and dedication that Kelon brings to the table.





Constant-Improvement-smForeFront Technologies has witnessed significant change and improvement in technologies implement. Yet regardless of the newness of the technology, past experiences always seem relevant. Our continuous improvement processes constantly ensure that we keep pace with change and take away valuable lessons from each project.

The business world is indeed changing. Attracting and retaining information technology professionals is a real concern. This is especially true for small and medium sized companies that are typically forced to rely on a small group or even an individual to control one of the most important aspects of their business. ForeFront Technologies does not wish to replace these very important people. Instead, we desire to complement their skills and ensure a personal and technical depth that the larger companies can afford to enjoy.

Our future lies in providing outstanding service and value to companies that embrace the challenges of technology and desire the productivity gains. Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with our clients through support and maintenance agreements and to be there when our depth is needed.

Forefront Technologies continues to strive to find clients that share our enthusiasm for properly implemented technologgy that goes right to the heart of the business issue.


Measuring-Success-smForeFront Technologies Inc. is a company that understands providing our clients outstanding value is paramount. We rely on word of mouth, recommendations and excellent references to grow our client base and reputation.

As a company, and individually, we measure our results on a scale set by the success of our clients. Technology must meet the business needs, and exceed the expectations, of our clients.

Rely on our strategic resources to maximize your competitive advantage both today and in the future. Let's bring our dynamic teams together to get results.

Because that, after all, is what we are both here for.