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The Internet is the fastest-growing advertising medium in the world. On the net your website will reach over 150 million potential viewers. Gothic Fusion is a full-service Internet website provider that will give you the presence you need to be competitive into the 21st century.

Forefront Technologies can:

  • Design your Web Site (View Sample Portfolio)
  • Write all the necessary computer code
  • Design Interactive Forms
  • Import and/or create your pictures, graphics, and logo.
  • Aggressively advertise your home page with all the major search engines.
  • Maintain your website.
  • Internet Programming (Perl, Java, JavaScript)
                              We offer turn-key service for all of your web site needs.




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Website Development Process

Once a client decides to have a website developed by Forefront and wires or mails at least half of the payment upfront, the development process begins.

We have divided the process into five basic phases in order to ensure a smooth and optimal flow.

1-Requirements Phase

The client requirements are analyzed and and a project specification form outlined. This is appoved and signed by the client. Deadlines for various deliverables are also specified.

Special likes and dislikes regarding the look and feel of the website must be communicated and documented at this stage.

Development Tools and Technologies must also be specified eg. Flash, Dreamweaver, ASP, JSP, CGI etc.

In cases of large projects, a pilot can be developed first. In this case, requirements of the pilot site must be analyzed and approved.

A flowchart of the website will also be created so that both parties get a clear visual idea of the requirements of the project.

2-Design Phase

Gothic Fusion works out a graphical website design incorporating, the overall look and feel, colors, logo and navigation features specified by the client.

This will be hosted on Gothic Fusion's website in a password protected area or in the client's web space as client prefers.

This phase may require back and forth communication and changes between the client and designer till the client is satisfied with the look and feel, features, colors, design logo etc.

Once the client approves the design the project launches into the development phase.

3-Development Phase

In this phase the the approved design is converted into HTML pages (if not done so already). The cgi-scripts are incorporated eg. search facility, forum etc.

In case of a backend intensive websites, ASP pages are developed and linked to databases so that content can be dynamically generated and updated easily by the client.

After all required programming is done and tested thouroughly on the client's server space the website is ready to go live after the client appoves it.

4-Go Live Phase

In this phase, the website is opened to the public. 'Under Construction' notices are removed and the website is ready to be used by the public. The client is educated regarding administration features of various components so that he / she can continue to update the site and monitor site activities easily.

5-Promotion Phase

Once the website is ready, it is time to get indexed with search engines. Now the main aim is to get more and more people to visit the site and search engines make it easy for people to find your site.

In this phase, keywords are carefully thought-out and pages are submitted to various search engines and directories.

This process may take some time. Once the pages get indexed with search engines, the keywords are tweaked in order to get higher rankings.

This phase is ongoing and it is better if the client educates himself/ herself about promotion, learns to tweak the keywords etc and continues to submit to search engines in order to maintain high rankings.

Website Design

The success of your website largely depends on finding the right website designing company with creative and experienced web designers.

Website Designing is not just compiling few images and texts together to create a layout, but much more than that. Website Development if handled by amateurs and not professional web designers can create a negative impact rather than doing any good to your business.

Website Designing plays a vital role for your business, even though you may not be aware about it, because it is the your website acts as the spokesperson for your business and it is the quality of a website design that could draw a visitor to your website or drive him away. It is therefore imperative that the website designing company is chosen wisely and pertinently. When it comes to website designing that merge aesthetics and functionality with intelligent technology, the web designers of Laiqaa Web Solutions can help you create websites that increases your sales.

Forefront Technologies Inc. is a full-service website design and web development company that brings a host of services all under one roof. So, be it Custom Website Designing, SEO Web Design, integrating Flash into your website, Brand Identity Development, Database Driven Websites, E-commerce Web Design or any other Web Portal Development, you need not go looking elsewhere. Web Designers at Forefront Technologies Inc. have years of experience and more than adequate expertise to deliver the best in adherence to industry certified processes. So, if you want to get ahead in the competition, hire us for we can design a highly optimized website for you, which will help you convert your website visitors into customers.

Here are some of the much appreciated features of our web designing services that give us an edge over run-of-the mill website designing firms:

1. Strong Focus on User Friendliness of the Website to help using the website simple and easy.

Most people want websites which get them a good looking webpage, but not one which is simple for visitors to comprehend. This is a major mistake and one that would cause your visitors leave in droves. Nobody wants to scour a difficult to use website, particularly when there are enough competitors out there. Customer is the King – that is true for any business, and the web designers at Forefront Technologies Inc. realize this full well. This is why our website designing services employ user friendly as well as search engine friendly navigation menu to help visitors surf the web pages without any problem. We also implement site maps to help your visitors find out easily what they are looking for. Since web surfers do not like to click on endlessly to locate what they need, we take care to design websites that allow visitors to find whatever they need within a few clicks.

2. Highlighting your Brand Identity to help you stand out in the crowd

Your online reputation depends a lot on how well your intended message is conveyed to the visitors. So, website designing professionals at Forefront Technologies Inc. take time to understand your business objective and develop visually appealing and easy-to-navigate user interface in tune with your goals and vision, thus helping you to build your corporate identity.

3. Addressing usability issues for your visitors to help you make the most from your website

Website designing services of Forefront Technologies Inc. ensure that all the usability issues are addressed optimally. Special care and attention is given by our web designers to the following aspects to give your visitors a life-time experience. Our websites designers make sure that all the important information is cleverly positioned onto your website to catch the eye of your visitors immediately on website load. Wrong placement of crucial information will make the visitor overlook the section even if it stores useful information. As Expert web design services provider, we provide you with superb search engine visibility. This is very important for you as well as for your target audience. After all, even the most attractive website would be of no good if it does not reach its intended audience. Forefront Technologies Inc.'s website designer provide you with well-designed websites that are incorporated with search engine optimization for making the website easier for search engines and users to archive. Our web designers further make sure that your website has cross browser functionality so that any user can view your website irrespective of the web browser that he or she is using. We also ensure that the site loads fast and appears without any deformity on any browsers or networks having slow internet connectivity.

4. Affordable web designing services with an eye on Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Our web designing services cater to all budgets. You just need to select the ones that suit your business needs and budget, and our expert web designers will take care of the rest. With prompt support for issues and questions, if any, we make sure that your website goes live and functions without a hassle.

5. Use Latest Technology - Web 2.0 Design

Unlike the traditional way of website designing, the advent of web 2.0 designing has opened new avenues of increasing user interactivity for websites and e-commerce businesses.

The pool of web designer and web developer at Forefront Technologies Inc. has the great experience, expertise and resourcefulness to develop Web 2.0 Applications and custom web 2.0 applications suiting the client's requirements, budget, time-schedule and existent infrastructure. Our WEB 2.0 development services include Custom Web 2.0 Website Design and Programming, and Web 2.0 Product Development. Our Web 2.0 solutions include latest applications, participation platforms, innovative interfaces and impressive websites styled with big clear buttons, and solid screen real-estate headers. We also offer Consulting services to organizations globally.

Forefront Technologies Inc. bears the testimony to the great power of Web 2.0 development.

Our web designers of web 2.0 possesses immense experience and adroitness required to produce a persuasive web presence with the sole mission to enthrall your audience, captivate existing patrons and design new ones.

While designing a methodological architecture, Forefront Technologies Inc. pays exclusive consideration for the proper selection and successful implementation of different Web 2.0 methods, techniques and frameworks including RSS, valid XHTML markup, Server-side software, web protocols, ActiveX controls, and APIs.

Our highly-skilled team of Website Designers ensures high quality website design, and along with it superior website maintenance support that transcends your expectations.

Website Development

Forefront Technologies Inc. offers you a wide range of web development options :

PHP refers to the general-purpose scripting language that was originally formulated for developing dynamic web pages. It has evolved to incorporate a command line interface capability, and is hugely used for website development. PHP can be embedded into HTML, and is used for producing web application development arraying from personal websites, community web portals like blogs, forums to e-commerce applications.

Forefront Technologies Inc., one of the pioneer web designing and development companies in Toronto, offers outsourcing for PHP web development all throughout the globe. Forefront's PHP Web Development Service has the robustness , integration, and support for web standards fit to produce and deploy contemporary web applications. The PHP web development services we offer are so designed to suit the various budgetary constraints of your business.

At Forefront Technologies Inc., we use PHP along with MySQL, Linux and Apache to develop a considerable number of solutions including:

  • Online classified applications
  • Real estate portals
  • Online shopping carts & e-commerce solutions
  • Intranet applications
  • Image galleries
  • E-learning applications
  • Corporate websites

Dedicated Programmer Team

Forefront caters customers across the globe with its excellent PHP web development services. Our dedicated PHP constituting web development team of veteran PHP web developers ascertains full transparency and work in line with customer's staff. The team always works according to the client's requirements, and endeavors to give its best service. Keeping in mind the time schedules, we always assure on-time completion of the process.

Project Based Programmer Team

In present day's competitive Web world, users demand a fast and rich user experience that needs the latest Web application development abilities. Forefront's Project Based Programmer team has great expertise in PHP, .Net, Linux, AJAX and ASP. PHP developers at Forefront have developed a variety of enterprise solutions in E-Commerce shopping carts with content management systems, Community tools Web Calendars, Open Source SOftwares Integration, CRM Solutions, and forum based on PHP and MySQL. Forefront rich portfolio of web applications encompassing various subjects testifies our knowledge base and capability. We offer our greatly skilled PHP developers for hire for all offshore web application development needs of our clients.

Advantages of PHP / My SQL Application Development with Forefront Technologies Inc:

  • New and existent websites operating on Apache, PHP and MySQL combination are now the greatest choice of the contemporary mass for delivering dynamic web content, and Forefront Web Solution offers high-quality and on-time PHP Programming Services as per the client requirements.
  • Forefront Technologies Inc. enables you to upgrade your company's visibility by setting up high-performance data warehouse applications in PHP and My SQL.
  • Approach Forefront Technologies Inc. to get cost-effective PHP & My SQL web application Development which reduces costs and upgrades profits.
  • Forefront Technologies Inc. rich PHP Web applications Development services enable you to provide your Online Store clients with a personalized shopping experience.
  • Forefront Technologies Inc. PHP developers systematically drive the envelope of PHP programming to offer rich solutions that are fast, stable, flexible and easy-to-use. Our project-based programmer team has the special ability to handle any PHP-related problem, be it most minor of updates or most complex enterprise applications.

Examples of PHP Web Applications can develop for its clients:

  • Customer Service Applications in PHP and MySQL
  • E-Commerce Web Development in PHP and MySQL
  • On-demand Custom PHP Web Development
  • Inventory Management System utilizing PHP Application Development
  • Custom Webmasters Tools & Script Development
  • Search Engine Friendly CMS (Content Management System) using PHP Application Development
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) based PHP Web Application Development
  • Classified and Online Ads Posting website employing PHP and MySQL
  • PHP and MySQL Web site Design and Development
  • Job Boards/Portal Custom PHP Software Development
  • Search Engine Friendly Shopping Cart using PHP Application Development
  • Secure Message boards Application Development in PHP and MySQL


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